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Bio Dough is your natural food grade play dough that's safe for kids and provides hours of entertainment. Food scientists were used to create the recipe to make an ultra soft and malleable textured play dough that is easily rehydratable with a few drops of water.

Rainbow In A Box contains 9 different colours (125g each colour), each with their own scent to match the colour. They include:-

  • White - smells like coconut frosting
  • Pink - smells like fairy floss
  • Red - smells like strawberries
  • Orange - we're going to let you guess this one .......... (hint, it's an orange!)
  • Yellow - smells like tangy pineapple
  • Green - smells like a lime popsicle
  • Blue - smells like blueberries
  • Purple - smells like lavender
  • Black - smells like blackberry


SAFETY - Suitable for children ages 2 and over. While Bio Dough smells amazing and feels amazing, don't sorry, it's not made to taste amazing. The makers knew that kids would be tempted to give it a taste. For this reason it's safe to eat but it has been made salty so deter a repeat performance of taste testing! Not suitable for children who are gluten intolerant.


SIZE - 1.1kg (9 x 125g bags)

Bio Dough

  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS - store in airtight containers in between use. Lasts up to 2 years before opening and up to 3 months of play time. Allow to dry and wipe with a damp towel to clean if needed. Rehydrate with a few drops of water if it starts to dry out.

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