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First time at Messy Bubs? What you can expect....

Our Darwin leader, Steph, has provided a small blog piece on what to expect from a Messy Bubs session in Darwin.

'At our Messy Bubs Darwin sessions we have a variety of different stations varying from dry and not too messy, right up to wet and slimy and lots of mess!'

I recommend that all families bring a bottle of water, as messy play is thirsty work, a towel for after a nice warm wash, wipes, nappies and a change of clothes for you and bub to change into after the end of the session.

I recommend wearing clothes that are unloved and that you are comfortable in and don't mind if they get messy or stained as we cannot guarantee that our non toxic products won't cause some staining.

Due to the hot weather in Darwin, we sometimes have water play activity stations and would advise that parents or care givers have a swim nappy on hand for these occasions for their messy bub.'

Steph also suggests:

'When you are attending a messy play session it’s always a good idea to get there about 5 minutes before the session starts so you can sign in, get yourself and your bub ready and be able to see the trays in all of their glory before they get messy.

We start the session with a quick introduction about our theme, what stations we have created today and general housekeeping.

Messy bubs can then get into all the fun with discovering and exploring all the activities on offer.

I lay my sessions out with dry activities towards the front and messy stations around the back so you can gradually build up to the messier play stations.

If it is your first time at a session I recommend starting at the dry stations and building up to the wet and messy stations as all the wet and slimy activities can sometimes be overwhelming for the little ones, however you are more then welcome to start wherever you wish as we provide a gentle, welcoming and no pressure environment.

If your bub is crawling around you can always place them on the mat and see where they would like to go. We adore child led play!!!'

'If your bub is unsure about the activities and not wanting to touch then I encourage you as the care giver to touch and play as they may feel more comfortable about playing and getting messy if they see you doing this also.

We use lots of sentences and language in our sessions and always ask questions such as what does this feel like? Is it slimy or wet?

We avoid using words like yuck or gross as it can be limiting and nobody wants to play with yucky things!'

A big thank you to Steph for sharing her top tips for Messy Bub attendee's.

Have you thought about attending a class with your bubs? You can locate your nearest class here.

Ever thought have running your own Messy Bubs Franchise business in your local area? You can download our free prospectus here.

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