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Happy New Year Everyone!

As we celebrate New Year's eve we are very aware that many of us will be staying at home with babies, children and furr babies!

In this warm weather its the perfect opportunity to bring out water play and what special way to enjoy New Year with our under 5's by jazzing it up with a sensory light spectacular!

Thanks to Messy Bubs Southern Gold Coast for sharing their fun activity!

Any container will do that will hold water but adult supervision is required at all times for this activity!

Add water, utensils and containers of your choice to support actions such as pouring and scooping. This enables bubs to work their hand and eye coordination and strengthen fine motor skills.

We added glo sticks for a visual effect which kept my bubs entertained for well over an hour.

We give this awesome sensory activity a 10/10!!!

Happy New Year everybody!!!!

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