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Messy Play....What's all the fuss about?

Photo - Brianna, Owner of Messy Bubs Ipswich

Brianna wants to share the benefits of Messy Play to our Messy Bubs families.

Messy play refers to a form of sensory play that involves children engaging in activities that can be delightfully, well, messy! It's a type of play where children are encouraged to explore and interact with various materials, substances, and textures, often using their hands or bodies to manipulate and create.

The main purpose of messy play is to provide children with enjoyable and stimulating experiences that promote learning, development, and creativity.

Messy Play encourages curiosity, exploration, investigation, communication and social skills.

Importantly, while it may seem chaotic and untidy, messy play should be supervised by adults to ensure safety and provide guidance as needed. By striking the right balance between freedom and structure, messy play becomes an exciting, educational adventure that fosters happy memories and valuable skills for our young Messy Bubs.

Having a background in childcare and now running my own Messy Bubs business has led me to see more evidence in the importance of letting children embrace the mess and use their whole bodies for exploration and expression.

For further information on Brianna's classes and her wonderful FREE Messy Play and Sensory Events click here.

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