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Mini Messy Bubs Program with Messy Bubs Bayside!

Franchisee Alyssa from Messy Bubs Bayside tells us all about our under 12 months program:

Mini Messy Bubs sessions follow the same theme and ideas as our regular messy Bubs programs but for our under 12 months bubs.

The sessions are designed specifically for Bubs under 12 months and adjusted from our usual layout by having finer textures, taste safe products and lots of sensory discovery. The idea is for Bubs to explore the textures and sensations introducing them to the fun (and extremely) beneficial world of messy play.

The layout is aimed at Bubs who are not quite on the move yet or just beginning to make their way around. It is all floor based allowing parents to sit, engage and immerse themselves in their Bubs learning and exploration.

It is amazing seeing the bond and connection between parents and Bubs in every session. Plus the incredible photo opportunities that come from each session are irreplaceable.

As the Bubs grow, it’s so exciting seeing them beginning to bond and socialise with other Bubs too. Sessions are an incredible social activity for new mums (and dads) of young Bubs who may not otherwise be getting out and meeting other parents going through the same period of life.

Messy Bubs Bayside hold our Mini Messy Bubs sessions on Friday afternoons at 2:30pm in Matraville.

Meet Alyssa! Messy Bubs Bayside.

Five Fun Facts about Alyssa:

1. As a kid I used to excuse myself from the dinner table to tend to my “crying baby”. I have always loved kids and dreamed of being a mother for as long as I can remember….

2. My zodiac sign is Libra and as the astrology rules, I truly am so indecisive

3. I don’t have a ticklish spot but really dislike when people touch my neck

4. Im super organised and a bit of a neat freak. My cupboard has always been colour coded and shirts hung in sleeve length

5. Im a terrible cook and have set off many fire alarm - once having the whole apartment building evacuated and fire brigade coming.

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