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Our Franchise Investment Journey!

Ever wondered what it is like to make that giant leap and invest in yourself with something you really believe and want to successfully grow?

Well, Abbie and Zoe did just that in November 2023 and joined our award winning messy play franchise.

Hear first hand their franchise journey.....

'We originally saw Messy Bubs as an advertisement on Facebook a few years ago, we were both very interested but did not act on it (life got in the way).

The ad then popped back up this year (2023) and we decided to investigate it further. We had both been wanting to take our children to something similar but there was absolutely nothing around our area for us to be able to do so, we thought why not look into it ourselves.

When we did the discovery call with Nat, we were drawn to the ideals of the work/life balance as we both have young children and have a passion for working with children and development and learning. After we spoke with Nat, we both agreed that our values were very aligned with Nat and Messy Bubs and we both felt really excited for this opportunity. For us, this was a sign to take the plunge!

After almost deciding instantly to go ahead, we then contacted Nat to lock things in. Once the paperwork was all signed, we completed our training and started to plan our launch.

We were nervous that we may have misread the gap in the market but boy, were we wrong!

Our launch sold out in under 4 hours, so we released another which sold out in under 2!


Launch Day


For both our launch days, we decided to launch mid-December and do a Christmas theme. We decided on this as, as parents, we notice that everything closes during school holidays so thought parents might be looking for things to do.

We were both very nervous and gave ourselves extra time to set up in the morning. We created the launch sessions as an event and did balloons, goody bags and prizes for the ‘messiest bub’ and ‘first ever messy bub of South Adelaide’. We think this really helped with the hype of launch day.

Both launches went well, the first was full of slightly older children and was crazy fun. The second had more babies in attendance and still very fun but more chill. We really loved meeting the families and had lots of interaction with the parents/carers and the children that attended. We both feel really lucky at how well our launches went and had so much fun! 

If you would like to know more about joining our fantastic business opportunity then please download our prospectus here for further information.

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