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Shredded Paper Play

It was Clean Up Australia Day last week and it is always a good opportunity to create sensory basis with things that can be recycled or compostable!

We love shredded paper at Messy Bub's HQ as it is such a simple resource that can be used time and time again and the Messy Bubs never get bored!

Shredded Paper provides a tactile experience that stimulates the senses.

The varied textures enhance sensory exploration, fostering fine motor skills and cognitive development.

Introducing a hunting element, such as searching for hidden objects within the shredded paper, adds an element of fun, encouraging observation, problem-solving, and social interaction among the Messy Bubs.

This playful activity not only entertains but also contributes to the holistic development of their physical and cognitive abilities.

Our Mini Messy Bubs love to crinkle, tear, and squidge our paper and play the very fun peek a boo game too!

After play time you can either pop it away in a box for next times play or recycle and place in the compost as it will break down.

You could also check out our next post about using the shredded paper to make clean mid sensory play or seed bombs and plant in the garden!

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