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Welcome to Discover Sensory!

Discover Sensory is a program developed and created by founder, Natalie George! This program is uniquely created for babies under 12 months and their care givers.

Our discover sensory session with a focus on encouraging bonding with your little one. Our Mini Messy Bubs sessions are small for an intimate boutique experience with your bub to explore and discover sound, sight, touch, taste, and smell. At this session we practice our tummy time, tracking movements, introduction to storytelling and mini messy play.

Our Discover Sensory session has our very own bespoke music which is the perfect way to get to know our rhyming songs and follow our facilitator led session with lap bouncing, clapping and dancing with baby!

Our props are included to encourage all those important baby educational milestones such as eye tracking, tummy time and gross motor skills.

Our free flow space is important for babies to investigate and discover many sensory tools which will provide social connections and growing minds and bodies. But it also gives a chance to parents to grow connections and build their village.

Lastly, if you and baby are keen, you may wish to experiment and explore our mini messy play area for all your age appropriate messy play activities perfect for little feet and hands and exploring mouths.

Term 3 kicks off with our brand new sessions at participating Messy Bubs across Australia!

Lets make some messy memories!

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